Besi Accessories

Accessory: Zipper Insert
Size: Small
Sale price$45.00


The BESI Crotch Straps, Zipper Inserts and Seat Mounts can be used with both the Standard and Universal vests.

The Zipper Inserts can only be added to the Standard Vests.

If there other accessories that you need for any BESI products                                                   please call us at 1-800-543-0575.

  Zipper Inserts Portable Seat Mount Portable Crotch Strap
Small BI-22-2/4   $45.00 SM-101-S   $75.00 CS30603-S   $45.00
Medium BI-30-2/4   $45.00 SM-101-M   $75.00 CS30603-M   $45.00
Large BR-38-2/4   $45.00 SM-101-L   $75.00 CS30603-L   $45.00
X-Large Not Available   $0.00 SM-101-XL   $75.00 CS30603-XL   $45.00

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