Does Easy Way make vests?
We do not manufacture vests. We sell vests manufactured by EZ-ON and Besi.

What is the size range for a vest?

Besi EZ-ON
Small – 22”- 28” X-Small – 18”- 24”
Medium – 30”- 36” Small – 25”- 32”
Large – 38”- 44” Medium – 32”- 37”
X-Large – 45”- 51” Large – 37”- 43”

What are the height and weight ranges for a vest?
There are no height restrictions and the max the vests can be tested for is 168 Lbs. Vests are made of seatbelt material and can withstand more weight than the vests have been tested.

How Long will it take to make a custom vest?
This will depend on how many orders EZ-ON has. It usually takes 7-10 Business Days to get to you. They work very quickly to get all custom vests made so you can transport safely.

How can we repair a shoulder adjustor?
Please refer to the (Resources Page) Link where you will find an instructional video on how to do this.

Do you wear a winter coat over or under the vest?
The winter coat is to be worn over the vest. We understand some places can get very cold in the winter but this is for the safety of the individual riding. Wearing the coat under the vest makes it difficult to get the vest snug on the individual.

Difference between Universal seat mount and Floor Mount?
Universal Seat Mount is used on a school bus while a Floor Mount is used on a personal vehicle. They both clip at each shoulder and at the hips. The Floor Mount does need to be attached to a fixed point behind the seat.

What mount do I use for my personal vehicle?
The Floor Mount clips two at the shoulders and two at the hips. The Floor Mount needs to be bolted to the floor of the vehicle. The Floor Mount is used for behavior issues The Tether Mount clips to the tether system in the vehicle and straps two at the shoulders. You would need to use your lap belt through the loops in the vest or purchase a 225 Add On to safely secure the child. The Tether mount is designed for use to help with upper body trunk support.

What is the difference between the 103Z/303Z and the 403PB Vest?
The 103Z/303Z vest is a rear zipper vest and is designed for individuals who try to get themselves out of their securement. The 403PB is a front push button vest that is designed for children who need assistance sitting in the correct upright position while riding.

What is the difference between the Besi Standard and Universal Vests?
The Standard and Universal Vests are sized and are used the same way. The Standard Vest has only one zipper and has a 2” and a 4” zipper insert. The Universal Vest has these two zipper inserts sewn onto the vest. Most People choose the Universal due to the fact that the zipper inserts can be lost.

Shipping & Returns

Can you ship outside the U.S.?
Yes, we can ship outside of the U.S. We ship through UPS.

What is your return policy?
All returns require an RMA #. All product must be within first 30 days and in like new condition. There is a 15% restocking fee.

Are your securements certified to meet the FMVSS 213 Standard?
Yes, every product we sell meets the FMVSS 213 Standard.

If you are in the State of Ohio, you will automatically be shown taxes even if you are tax exempt. When we call in regards to your order, please let us know you are tax exempt and you will not be charged tax.


What is the difference between IMMI Safeguard Star Seats and Besi Pro-Tech IV?
The IMMI Safeguard Star seat has a raised base and a third strap that wraps around the bus seat. The Besi Pro-Tech IV is a flat based product and this allows for older individuals to ride the bus to be used for multiple trips a day even when older kids need to ride the same bus.