303Z Fully Adjustable EZ-ON Zipper Vests for Passenger Vehicles

Size: X-Small
Style: Tether Mount
Sale price$195.00


All EASYWAY safety vests...

Exceed the requirements of Federal impact test standards.

The Fully Adjustable Vest includes 3 Built in Zipper Inserts and Shoulder Height Adjusters.

All Extra Small, Small and Medium vests come with a sewn on crotch strap.

Larger sizes can have the crotch strap sewn on by request.

Custom Vests can be made for those individuals with a waist measurement greater than 49 inches.

A Chest measurement is required in order to ensure that the vest can be properly sized.

If you need a half size in the chest, waist, or shoulder to waist please give us a call



  Permanent Floor Mount Tether Strap Mount Wheel Chair Mount Vest Only
X Small (18"-24") 103Z/FM-XS   $195.00 303Z/TM-XS   $195.00 303Z/WC-XS   $195.00 303Z/B-XS   $155.00
Small (25"-32") 103Z/FM-S   $195.00 303Z/TM-S   $195.00 303Z/WC-S   $195.00 303Z/B-S   $155.00
Medium (32"-37") 103Z/FM-M   $195.00 303Z/TM-M   $195.00 303Z/WC-M   $195.00 303Z/B-M   $155.00
Large (37"-43") 103Z/FM-L   $195.00 303Z/TM-L   $195.00 303Z/WC-L   $195.00 303Z/B-L   $155.00
X-Large (43"-49")

303Z/FM-XL $215.00

303Z/TM-XL $215.00 303Z/WC-XL $215.00 303Z/B-XL $175.00
Custom 103Z/FM-Custom   $265.00 303Z/TM-Custom   $265.00 303Z/WC-Custom   $265.00 303Z/B-Custom   $220.00

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