Besi Safe Journey Seat Mount and Vest

Mount: Vest and Mount
Size: Small
Sale price$270.00


For those students that like to sneak out of their securements. The Safe Journey is a tamper resistant seat mount 

Easy to use

Student can't access shoulder latches

Easy for Driver/Aide

More adjustability at shoulder level

Hip D-rings have a deterrent device making it harder to unlatch

The Safe Journey Mount can be used with your current BESI Vest or Universal Vest

Installation is very similar to original seat mount

The mounts are color coded to match to match your current and new vests

  Small 22, 25, 28 Medium 30, 33, 36 Large 38, 41, 44 X-Large 45, 48, 51
Safe Journey Mount with Vest BR-25SJI-C   $270.00 BR-33SJI-C   $270.00 BR-41SJI   $270.00 BR-45SJI   $300.00
Vest Only BR-25-C   $155.00 BR-33-C   $155.00 BR-41   $155.00 BR-45   $205.00
Safe Journey Mount only SJ-101-S   $130.00 SJ-101-M   $130.00 SJ-101-L   $130.00 SJ-101-XL   $130.00

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