Fully Adjustable EZ-ON MAX2 Vest For School Buses

Mount: MAX2 Seat Mount
Size: X-Small
Sale price$295.00


All EASYWAY safety vests...

Exceed the requirements of Federal impact test standards. 

Built in crotch strap. 

Designed for Individuals who are escape artists

Safety Vest sized the same as the 103Z Adjustable Vests

Universal MAX2 Seat Mount allows for quick and easy installation

All the Tether clips attach behind the seat thus making it impossible for the individual to escape out of the safety vest.

Bottom Tether hooks can be drawn into the seat byte


A Chest measurement is required in order to ensure that the vest can be properly sized. 


  Max 2 Seat Mount Max 2 Seat Mount Only
X Small (18"-24") 103Z/MAX2U-XS   $295.00 100M2SMU   $130.00
Small (25"-32") 103Z/MAX2U-S   $295.00 100M2SMU   $130.00
Medium (32"-37") 103Z/MAX2U-M   $295.00 100M2SMU   $130.00
Large (37"-42") 103Z/MAX2U-L    $295.00 100M2SMU   $130.00
X-Large (43"-49") 103Z/MAX2U-XL  $295.00 100M2SMU   $130.00
Custom 103Z/MAX2U-CUSTOM   $345.00 100M2SMU   $130.00

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