Besi Standard Vests

Mount: Vest & Mount
Size: Small
Sale price$195.00


All BESI safety vests...

Exceed the requirements of Federal impact test standards. 

The Standard Vest includes 1 Built In Zipper and D Rings at all four Connector Points.

The Standard Vest is not adjustable and has a waist measurement range of 1-2 inches. 

All Small vests come with a sewn on crotch strap.  A Waist measurement is required in order to ensure that the vest can be properly sized.




  Portable Seat Mount & Vest Portable Seat Mount Vests Only
Small 22" BR-22AI-C   $195.00 SM-101-S  $90.00 BR-22-C   $145.00
Medium 30" BR-30AI-C   $195.00 SM-101-M  $90.00 BR-30   $145.00
Large 38" BR-38AI   $195.00 SM-101-L  $90.00 BR-38   $145.00

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