Driver Covers

Style: Cushion
Material: DOT
Cloth?: No
Sale price$70.43


All EASYWAY seat covers:

       Are sewn with heavy nylon thread for longer lasting seams

       Have heavy polyester backing

       Meet OEM specifications

       Are certified to meet FMVSS302, Fire retardancy standard

       Are certified to meet FMVSS 222


    * Fire Guard fabric is:

       Flame blocking


       Offers more fire protection

       Tear resistance

       Lengthens escape time

       Meets vertical flame test

       Meets smoke density test

       Meets flame penetration test

       Has extended cover life

       Kevlar fabric is available.

If the driver seat covers you would like produced are by National or Bostrom we would need the part number located on the seat frame and should begin with the letter "F". 

  Driver Cushion Cover Driver Cushion Cover with Cloth Driver Standard Back Cover Driver Standard Back Cover with Cloth Driver High Back Cover Driver High Back Cover with Cloth
DOT 42 oz. Covers DSC   $70.43 DSC-CLOTH   $77.43 DSB   $67.30 DSB-CLOTH   $74.30 NDSB   $70.85 NDSB-CLOTH   $77.85
Prevail/Fireguard Covers FDSC   $77.45 FDS-CLOTH   $84.45 FDSB   $74.95 FDSB-CLOTH   $81.95 NFDSB   $81.70 NFDSB-CLOTH   $88.70
Proform Covers FDSPC   $78.45 FDSP-CLOTH   $85.45 FDSPB   $75.95 FDSPB-CLOTH   $82.95 NFDSPB   $82.70 NFDSPB-CLOTH   $89.70
Kevlar Covers KDSC   $86.70 KDS-CLOTH   $93.70 KDSB   $83.80 KDSB-CLOTH   $90.80 NKDSB   $94.35 NKDSB-CLOTH   $101.35

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