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Safeguard Superstar
Sale price$260.00
Standard STAR
Safeguard Standard STAR
Sale price$205.00
Special Needs Star
Safeguard Special Needs Star
Sale price$525.00
Standard Star with Chest Strap
Headrest for Special Needs Star
Torso Support for Special Needs Star
Abductor for Special Needs Star
Recline Wedge for Special Needs Star
Orange Chest Strap for Superstar
Star Chest Strap
Safeguard Star Chest Strap
Sale price$17.00
Safeguard Integrated Child Restraint Seat
Safeguard 3Pt Lap/Shoulder Bus Seat
Star Connector Strap
Star Plus Replacement Pad
Star Replacement Pad
Safeguard Bus Seat CoversSafeguard Bus Seat Covers

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